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What is

It is an appraisal method that deciphers personality, talent, and fortune based on the lines, shapes, and bulges that appear in the palm of your hand.​ Palmistry changes little by little, just as the plants grow. Palmistry grows by reading the palm correctly.

Palm Reading

This is an online session using palm reading and psychic reading. We will draw lines over the photo of your palm and analize them to explain the details.  

Quick Chat Reading

​This is a LINE chat reading. Send a photo of your palms and one question and we will reply in 24 hours regarding your question. It's very convenient easy chat reading. 

Palmistry Course

​This is a palm reading  training course. We have several levels from the beginner class to the advanced who is aiming for becoming a professional palmist.

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Chat Palm Reading


Her guidance helped me to move in a positive direction in my life.

I’ve seen her for many years but she is always accurate and helps me a lot. I don’t know how I would do without her.

I’m sure you are going to feel uplifted and positively inspired after talking with her. I recommend her palm reading for everybody on the earth.

Masami is the best Palm reader and real fortune teller that she can see incredible things!

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