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Masami is amazing palm reader and fortune teller. I just bought a house and which was so close similar to what she described ! She is very accurate!!

New York 30's Female

Masami has answered me some questions I’ve been looking for a long time! She is the best Palm reader and real fortune teller that she can see incredible things! I had tears in my eyes.

New York 20's Female

My girlfriend took me to her, but honestly i felt her reading was great! It was very specific and accurate. She is clearly passionate to helping others out. Amazing experience.

New York 20's Male

Masami is a trustful professional palm reader who is based in Chicago and NY. I’ve seen her for many years. Her advise on the sessions are always accurate no matter what kind of questions you might have, and that really impresses me a lot. Most importantly, she is very compassionate, warm, and encouraging person. I’m sure you are going to feel uplifted and positively inspired after talking with her. I recommend her palm reading for everybody on the earth.

New York 30's Female

I had a great session with Masami. She is intuitive and genuine. Her guidance helped me to move in a positive direction in my life. I was referred by my friend and booking a session was smooth and quick. I would highly recommend sessions with her.

San Francisco 40's Female

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